Pi And Gilgamesh Comparison Essay

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The Epic of Gilgamesh and the life of Pi aren't typical stories. It’s not very often that a boy gets stranded in the ocean for 227 days, or a man finds the underworld. Even though people always say do whats best no matter who it's hurting , it takes courage and strength to “conquer the world”. These two stories are very unique and somehow gilgamesh and pi have the ability to make it through all of it.

Strength is being able to deal with problems in an effective way. Pi faced many obstacles through his journey, but came out stronger than ever. “God, I give myself to you. I am your vessel. whatever comes, I want to know, show me” this shows the strength pi had because he dealt with the problem not by killing himself or giving up, but by putting his faith in god and trusting he would be brought out of dark times.

Courage is strength in facing pain or lose. Gilgamesh went through the lose of his best friend, Enkidu. He went on a journey to find the underworld, and he wasn’t going to stop until he reached his destination.” You will never find that life for which you are looking.when the Gods created man they allotted to him death,but life they retained in their own.” Knowing this Gilgamesh continued to fight for what
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Gilgamesh and Pi were both strong, and courageous. They were heroes who faced difficulties throughout their journeys but managed to keep strength.Not only did they both hit a few bumps in the road they also climbed the ladder a few times. Gilgamesh was saved by Shamash because she sends the 7 winds, Pi was saved because God sent him to the island and places the tooth there. They also face a storm, Pi faces the storm in the ocean and Gilgamesh faces the flood. Pi is shown religion through his hardships.” A germ of religious exaltation, no bigger than a mustard seed, was sown in me and left to germinate. It has never stopped growing since that day.” While gilgamesh is shown religion through a

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