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PIA SW interviewed Anitra Booker at the BCPD. Documentation reviewed. This interview was recorded and will be uploaded in ECF.

Anitra informed PIA SW that her CPS has been closed. PIA SW explained to her that the reason it was closed was because she had informed the worker that she was moving out of State. ANitra reported that her case with CPS came from her and her husband going through something (PIA SW thinks she means the OFP she got against her husband). She reported that she went and took it off the table and they went and got counselling as a family. She reported that they are OK. She reported that she had told the prior CPS worker that she was looking into moving out of State but that didn’t come together and she never did move. She admitted that she told the CPS worker that she was moving out of State to get CPS out of her life. She reported that she and her husband Fred Booker are back together however they are not living together. She reported that she is living with his aunt on the Klye address and he is living in North Minneapolis, she reported that she doesn’t know the address but knows the house. She admitted that he does visit her and their children. She reported that they are still working on their marriage.
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She reported that when she moved to Hennepin County she filed a protective order against Fred. She reported that she tried to move on with her life but she couldn’t because that is her husband, have been together for 12 years, so they worked it out. She reported that the incident with the OFP has been the only incident that happened between them. She informed PIA SW that she knows of his domestic assaults but that they were with other women and PIA SW shouldn’t put that with her. She reported that she got the OPF removed and ever since then they have been doing well. She reported that they have been better than
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