Piaget And Kohlberg's Theory Of Moral Development

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“Custom alone regulates morals.”- Anatole France. However, the idea of culture regulating morals is no where to be found in early moral development research. With many theoriest using different approaches to understad morality we have a wide variety of theories ranging from cognition to evolutionary, that explain the human moral development. But, what have these theories contributed to our systematic knowledge of moral development? First of all, Jean Piaget (1929, 1954, and 1977) was one of the first psychologists to show interest in child development as he studied children’s cognitive and moral development. He was interested in the way they think, reason, make judgements, and solve problems and he used a number of interesting methods to measure…show more content…
Both researchers have agreed that the stages in their theories follow a constant order. Since Kohlberg expanded on Piaget’s theory it is fair to say that both theories agreed on a number of things as well as have a number of similar…show more content…
Haidt’s (2001) moral foundation theory came around with the notion that the human brain have been prewired to learn values about the social world (Graham et al., 2012). The main idea behind this theory is that, we are born with a universal system of values; called foundations. Throughout our lives, we add or build on these universal foundations a number of cultural virtues and values. This concept explains why there are a number of similar moralities across the world yet different and unique ones at the same time. The five foundations identified by Haidt and Joseph (2007) are the following: Care/Harm, Fairness/Cheating, Loyalty/betrayal, authority/subversion, Sanctity/degradation and in 2012, Haidt added a sixth one Liberty/oppression. This theory support the idea that our moral reasoning is somewhat intuitive. It is important to note, however, that even though all five or six foundations are universal, some cultures build on one foundation more than other which will eventually cause a difference about the idea of what virtue a culture values

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