Piaget And Vygotsky: Influences Of Cognitive Development

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Introduction It is important as teacher that we provide an environment that maximizes student learning. Thesis: A school designed a combined program between teachers. Mr Gino a secondary teacher decided to collaborate with Mrs Vans a primary teacher. Using this scenario, we can understand the significant contribution of Piaget and Vygotsky as well as their limitations. Influences of Cognitive Development Piaget’s major achievement is his understanding of cognitive development. According to the book by Duchesne and McMaugh (2016), Piaget states how some influences of development can be biological. It further explains how important it is for children to experience firsthand the world around them. As this will strengthen the neurological pathways…show more content…
Some researchers recognize the limitations. One thing of concern is timing of milestone some may be more advances while others maybe not in the same category. It doesn’t have to be age wise. Another criticism faced is his portrayal of children especially in the pre-operational stage he focused on what they could not do instead of what they could. Especially in the first two stages in cognitive development. He saw them being capable of understanding and getting this thinking advanced over time. He also did not explain the role of teachers as effectively as he did for peers. He does not take into emotions of children. Theorists claim he did not put enough research into individualism for example western styles of teaching allows children to move faster into these stages. It must be noted that these stages are…show more content…
It is not limited to peers but to parents and teacher. To obtain higher mental functions they must all be active in development. It is between people (interpsychological) as well as between themselves (intrapsychological). Another main factor is the role of language. Vygotsky describes language as a mental tool example writing, diagram and schemas. Mr Gino class before the collaboration lessons were directly from the text book using the whiteboard. Changing the whiteboard to larger ones, using computers, creating a knowledge space so children could be aware of issues were effective strategies as he noticed increased interest in learning. So, children who do not have these resources are clearly at a disadvantage. For him language is the important of mental tools. Piaget thought that self-talk was not important. Vygotsky recognized it as a part of child’s development. As thinking became more advanced this self-talk decreased example reading aloud in primary and reading silently in secondary. Reading space in has books that children could borrow and read. Independent learning is encouraged with activities related to the task this would require a great deal of reading. Mrs Vans class would be used to reading out loud to improve
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