Importance Of Exploratory Play

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This book provides a very thorough, methodical discussion of how young children can develop literacy through play activities within a literacy-rich environment that has been designed with purpose. The role of early childhood teachers, in such an environment, is to discover teachable moments during children’s play and other child-centered experiences and take advantage of those moments to facilitate the children’s literacy development.
Chapter One reviews the role of various types of “play” in children’s development and defines the developmentally appropriate practices, which are: understanding children’s patterns of growth to inform knowledge about learning and development; knowing each child’s individual strengths, needs, and interests; and knowing each child’s sociocultural context for living and growing. The different types of play include exploratory play, where play activities are repeated to affirm their mastery of their new abilities; constructive play, where objects are created out of play material; and dramatic play, where children engage in pretend roles using objects, actions, and words.
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It can also be used to assess how children use language in different ways during play. Collaboration with families is a great strategy because they are a good source for children’s play and literacy development. Informational sessions can be conducted for sharing the information. Information can also be collected throughout the year such as places the child has visited which could be locations for play centers, what type of reading, writing, and other activities the child is already doing at home, the keeping of home-school journals, ‘kidwatching’, and then analyzing the information by reflecting and using a
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