Cognitive Vs Constructivism

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In deciding, if social approach is the process of how one learns, I must first ask how learning is broken down. In the Yilmaz article they discussed that learning is broken into 3 categories Behaviorism ,Cognitivism, and Constructivism. They discovered that behaviorist focused more on teacher-centered instruction, while Cognitive and constructivism focuses more on the individual. Since cognitive and constructivism focuses on how a person acquires/stores knowledge this lead educators to shift their approach. I agree that to understand how a person learns, more attention must be focused on the individual. As a product of American school system, I noticed that our education system lumps students into groups even if we have different learning styles.…show more content…
In "How people learn" they did a research study on if infants develop understanding of physical matter at an early age. They hosted an experiment on a group of 3 and 4 month year old babies, where a gloved hand would stack a box on another box. Then they would remove the top box from the bottom and hold it in the air next to the seated box to create the impression that the top box was floating. They said that infants stared longer at the floating box because it was perplexed of a floating object reality. They determined that since the babies were staring at the floating box it suggested that they understood the distinction between possible and impossible. Based off this study, If an infant can understands the distinction that objects needs support or else they'll fall, then I would say the learning process is individual. I think different scenarios call for a certain process of learning whether it be social or…show more content…
In Growth Mindset they defined two different mindsets as" those with a fixed mindset believe that their talents and abilities are simply fixed. They have a certain amount and that's that…. People with a growth mindset, on the other hand, think of talents and abilities as things they can develop-as potentials that come to fruition through effort, practice, and instruction."(4). An growth mindset student, can learn from a social/individual process because they have no negative connotations blocking them from success. They are constantly motivated to learn, unlike a fixed mindset student's that from previous experience gives up easily if they don't understand. It wouldn't matter if there learning process is social or individual because first sign of struggle, a fixed mindset student would give up .I considered myself a fixed mindset student in middle school because it seemed that even when I would try hard to understand the subjects it would never show during my assessments. After the many red pen marks and lengthy teacher feedback, I started to shut down and wasn't willing to

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