Piaget's Theory

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INTRODUCTION Cognitive Development is the study of how the thought develop in children and young people, and how they become more efficient and effective in their understanding of the world and their mental process (Oakley 2004). Children’s thinking is different from adults thinking. As a child develops, it’s thinking changes and develops. Cognitive Development is a major area study within Developmental Psychology. Many researchers ( Beilin & Pufall 1992; Gruber & Voneche 1977, Holford 1989; Mogdil & Mogdil 1982) noted that, no theory has had greater impact on developmental Psychology than that of Jean Piaget. Piaget Theory of Cognitive Development, states that children go through a period of stages in which they develop. The stages of Piaget's theory categorized the development of a child into age groups, in which interaction with people and the natural world is necessary for cognitive development. Briefly, the four stages of Piaget's theory are. 1. THE SENSORIMOTOR STAGE (0-2yrs), 2. THE PREOPERATIONAL STAGE (2-6/7yrs), ;children in the pre-operational stage use mental representations, such as mental images, drawings, words, and gestures, rather than just motor actions to think about objects and events. In Piaget's opinion, children in the pre-operational
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