Piaget Vs Vygotsky

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• In addition to what you have already learned about Piaget, know that he is identified with having a guiding metaphor of human development with the child as an independent, curious scientist. Piaget thinks that his theory of cognitive development is clear and that it’s the only perspective that should viewed as correct. He explains how children go through the four stages based on advancement and background and their development occurs in stages. He also believes that children’s physical and social environment is important in children’s cognitive development. He believes that children are active learners who gain knowledge from their surroundings. Children learn through taking in there surrounding and modifications, and multiple cognitive development occurs through collaboration. Piaget’s thinks that children and adolescent’s cognitive development explains the changes in logical thinking. • In addition to what we have learned about Vygotsky, know that he is identified with a guiding metaphor of the child as apprentice. Vygotsky …show more content…

Vygotsky has six assumptions. Vygotsky thinks that its vital that children should be allowed to stretch each day and cognitively during their school day. He thinks that children perform hard tasks with the help of knowledgeable individuals. Vygotsky mentions how mental activities begin as basic social activities, and discuss how the first couple of years of a child’s life is vital for development and it’s when children thought a language becomes independent. He discusses how jobs that children oversee doing can challenge and promote cognitive development growth and develop through informal and formal conversation with adults. And notice how vital of speech in a child’s development. Vytotsky thinks that learning occurs before development and as a child matures their speech becomes more

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