The Eight Stages Of Development In Childhood

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Human development refers to the progress that human beings make in their lives. Alternatively, childhood development is the process through which a child advances from infancy to independence. This type of development has different domains, namely, physical (changes in the body), cognitive (changes in thinking), social (changes in the way an individual relate to others) and emotional (changes in an individual’s personality or feelings) domains (Woolfolk, 2012). These domains uniquely interact in a way that a child’s progress in one area, leads to achievement in another field. For instance, when a child learns how to walk or talk, he or she is exposed to a new environment that advances their development. Likewise, there are two different process of human developmental changes: maturation and learning. Maturation refers to the biological unfolding of individuals. It is also partly responsible for…show more content…
He holds the opinion that each stage has specific tasks a person should accomplish (HQ, 2017). Individuals who complete a particular phase successfully can increase their independence and have a good feeling about themselves. During adolescence, an individual goes through the stage of identity versus role confusion. Adolescents should be able to apply the experience they acquired in the previous stages to secure a sense of self. The adolescent stage, however, requires that a person has a positive life experience to increase his or her satisfaction in life. During adolescence, physical, emotional and cognitive changes occur. Children experience rapid physical growth, changes in body shape, and development of sex organs. Some physical changes in adolescent girls include the broadening of hips, enlargement of breasts and, in some instances, the smoothening of the face. Boys, on the other hand, develop broader chests and their voices deepen (Further,
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