Piaget's Stages Of Child Development Essay

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Using the information about Piaget’s sub-stages, I observed my 12-month old niece. While I have watched her grow from a newborn to infancy, I have limited my research to a maximum of four hours. Before I start with my observations I would like to share my own theory behind infancy. I believe a child does go through certain stages of exploring and at many stages it may seem as though their exploring is very limited. I believe that children adapt and react to their surroundings regardless of the age. I remember my niece being a newborn and when it was too loud she would let it be known she did not think the noise level was appropriate. Soon after the level of everyone’s voices started to dim she would be happy again. Children construct an understanding of the world around them, then…show more content…
It’s basically based off how quickly you “get it” and that makes you smarter, that is not the case. I believe the fact the basis of testing children to see who is smarter is discouraging. I state my theory because though I believe Piaget’s may have a few points, I overall feel like people shouldn’t categorize how quickly your child is growing it may persuade parents that their child is slow at learning these things and that may not be the case. His theory of child cognitive development, detailed observational studies of cognition in children, and a series of simple but what some people would call “clever” tests to reveal different cognitive abilities. Piaget’s theory characterizes an 8-12 month old child’s actions to become intentional. For the four hours I observed my niece in the living room as she just started trying to climb off the couch about a week ago, she will climb down but grab the sheets on the couch until her feet reaches the ground. She grabs the sheets to make sure her feet will touch the ground, if not she will pull herself back up using her upper body strength. She’s much more active and

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