Piaget's Theory Of Child Development

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There are a lot of research and contribution of child development theories for the past 100 over years. One of the famous Swiss psychologist, Jean Piaget (1896 - 1980) developed and wrote his tough of cognitive theory approach due to his interest in child development. Piaget’s cognitive theory which is also recognize as Piaget’s Constructivist Learning Theory is about child’s though and learning after he observed children (including his own). According to him, humans learn and develop intellectually since birth and continuing across the life span. To Piaget, children are like “little scientist”. They learn many things by themselves through environmental experience, exploring, discovering and making sense of the world and develop their understanding progressively. Children learn actively and they always focus on their on view of thingking and they aspect their surrounding people will have the same tough and same feel with them. Piaget discovered that child progress in for diffirent stages. All children are vary in learning speed but everyone would have to go through the same sequence of development stages. Piaget’s Cognitive Development 4 stages are as follow: • Sensorimotor (0-2 years) • Preoperational (2-6 years) • Concrete Operational (6-12 years) • Formal Operational (12 years onwards) The Sensorimotor stage Sensorimotor stage is from birth to two year old. During this stage, infants explore, discover the world surround them through sensation and their motor

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