Comparing Piaget's Theory And Erickson

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This essay aims to talk about how Piaget’s theory and Erickson’s theory is linked and applied to a toddler aged 1-3 years old and also about the client’s overall well-being and family.

About client
Our client, baby L is 2 years old. She has an older sister, her parents are both working and her main caregiver is her grandmother. Even though both of the parents are working, they still have financial issues and as they only have 1 off day per week, they are unable to spend much time with Baby L at home. They are a democratic family and for example if Baby L gets sick, whoever who is at home will be the decision maker. Baby L is shy when it comes to meeting strangers, however she opens up later on.

Physical development
According to Berk (2006), Baby L’s physical development is normal, she can walk up and down the stairs, jump & run, squat to play, scribble on paper, undress herself, pincer grasp, and manipulate small objects and in addition, she can also hold a crayon and roll a small ball. She stands at ___ cm and weights ___kg.

Cognitive According to Zobairi, Nillofur & Nancy A (2013), Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, during the sensorimotor stage, a 2 year old toddler is
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During this stage, the toddler aims to achieve a sense of autonomy, controlling body excretions and also for independence. The toddler is also supposed to achieve parallel play which is when 2 toddlers sit beside each other and play alone without talking to each other. (INCITATION) Baby L’s psychosocial development is normal, however she shows temper tantrums by crying and whining when she does not get her milk. She also strives for independence as she likes to undress and feed by herself. How her caregiver allows Baby L to strive for independence is by letting Baby L try to feed herself and dress herself until she succeeds or ask for

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