Piaget's Theory Of Cognitive Development

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Early childhood

Despite of the fact that Piaget (1969) 's theories are not that updated, his contributions to the field still manage to influence many human development experts. He divided children´s cognitive development into 4 stages. There are specific mental and physical abilities that kids get to master as they go along their natural learning process. Piaget described children as natural scientists who assimilate knowledge of the world by interacting with their surroundings. This interactions not only boost children 's intelligence but foster language acquisition as well. Piaget 's cognitive development stages are as follows: from 0 to 2 years of age (sensor-motor stage), from 2 to 7 (pre operational stage), from 7 to12 (concrete operational stage), and finally, from 12 to 15 ( formal operational).

The most relevant stage for this investigation is the preoperational stage because is where children master their verbal skills. This stage ranges from ages 2 to 7 and it is crucial for children development given the fact that they develop their thinking abilities in order to do so in a logical and operational way. Children start to understand that every person, animal or thing is represented by a word. In addition, driven by their curiosity they begin questioning what seems unclear to them, and by means of the symbolic function, kids store on their brain mental pictures in order to used them at a later time. These qualitative processes enable children to little
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