Piaget's Theory Of First Language Acquisition

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The definition of first language. According to George Yule 's The phrase language acquisition is used to refer to the process in which children acquire their first language or languages . acquisition occurs passively and unconsciously through implicit learning . in other word children do not need explicit instruction to learn their first language but rather seem to 'pick up ' language in the same way they learn to crawl and walk. Some myth about first language acquisition. An important factor when analyzing first language acquisition is trying to define the theories and the assumptions which defines it . it 's important to know that these assumptions is contradicted to each other . One of these assumption is that comprehension precedes production which represented a major element of input hypothesis of Krashen (1982)as quoted by Cathercole (1988) "child understands first, then this helps him…show more content…
Piaget 's theory of cognitive development. According to Mallon(1967) Piaget was concerned in the question " how do we know what we know?" . Piaget theorized that if one could study the evolution of thought from childhood through adolescence , the question might be answered . According to him general intelligence is an example of adaptive behavior .He believed that at any given stages in the gradual process of intellectual growth, the child is capable of understanding certain concepts and that more complex understandings and intelligence develop as information is recognized and new capabilities develop. He also argues that intellectual development occurs in a series of separate step like stages . This stages is the same for all children . However , the ages at which these stages occur may differ from one society to another . The three major steps are sensory motor intelligence which extend from birth to about two years of age , concrete operation , from two to eleven or twelve and formal operation , beginning in
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