Evaluate The Application Of Piaget's Theory

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Applying Appropriate Teaching and Learning within an Early Childhood Classroom Did you know that Piaget’s first job was working at the Alfred Binet’s laboratory in the 1920’s overseeing early intelligence test for young children in order to standardize test. In 1936, Piaget’s was the first psychologist to make a systematic survey of cognitive development. Cognitive development is how we learn while growing within our surroundings. Piaget cognitive theory showed that young children think remarkably different compared to adults. Piaget did not relate his theory towards education, but later researchers explained how his theory can be applied to teaching and learning to help children develop cognitively. As an Early Childhood teacher, his theory still plays a…show more content…
For instance, a review of primary education by the UK government in 1966 was based strongly on Piaget’s theory. Piaget 's believes that children learn through play. Discovery learning is when children learn best through doing and actively exploring. For example, learning the concept of up and down can be played using the see- saw and having them going up or down a stair. His hypothesis is applied to teaching in the Belize Early Childhood curriculum as it provides opportunities and experiences as a guide for three and four- year -old children to be able to learn in a safe, secure, warm, caring, stimulating and multicultural environment. Setting up learning centers within the classroom encourage them to play in order to communicate, develop, explore, discover, experiment and inquire information about the world. This helps develop appropriate skills, concepts, positive attitude and values which are the basis for a smooth transition into primary education and life beyond. For examples, the skill of holding a pencil the correct way, Dress up area helps them play and develop positive attitudes on another student
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