Who Is Leonardo Da Vinci's Portraits?

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In the course of our history, for various reasons and using various materials, man has been representing the world in which he lives. He showed an interest in representation of the image itself, in addition to painting portraits were also represented in the form of sculptures, busts and reliefs. From the Paleolithic man shows the fascination with human figures, which were retratas on cave walls. And this theme continues to exist on our art history. In Egyptian art the kings were portrayed in a splendid way, the sculpture-portraits express the ideal look that belongs to the king. The artists of that time endeavored to produce a solemn impression. The Romans and Greeks used the portrait sculptures, which were to make public monuments and private services, such as the column of Trajan, the Roman willing to show his victories asked the artist who portrayed his wars and victories in Romania. Using art to…show more content…
In the sixteenth century Leonardo da Vinci created his most famous portrait of a Florentine lady with his sfumato managed to portray masterfully traces the beautiful girl. The Titian's fame is due to the pictures, which in his painting called "Young English" Titian can print these deep eyes in great detail. There was a rivalry between the bourgeoisie of that period, because everyone wanted to be eternalized, painters gave their portraits that eternal feeling with his art. The Catholic Church felt the need to portray their history thus attracting faithful with his realistic paintings impressed the faithful. With paintings and sculptures kept alive in the memory of the sacred episodes faithful. In the cathedral of Monreale portraying Christ as sovereign of the universe, the Virgin and Child and saints impress the faithful, which facilitates the domination of the church in many
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