Picasso's Appropriation Analysis

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One aspect of Picasso's multifaceted concept of appropriation was his paraphrasing and borrowing of existing masterpieces which he would re-create with his own style.
Picasso picked up appropriation because of four important events that took place in his life. The first was the decision by his artistic father to hand over his painting tools to Picasso when he was young, next was the death of Picasso’s sister Conchita, then the tragic suicide of his good friend Casagemas, and finally his visit to the Trocadero Museum in Paris in 1907
Picasso began his artistic career by emulating his father and turned into a child prodigy artist
Picasso’s father gave up his brushes to his son because of his failed eyesight but the facts show that he didn't completely give up painting
Picasso stated and vowed that he would give up painting if his sister survived; a promise he never intended to keep which
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Going through class and looking at his paintings and hearing his stories, I felt like I had a good judge of Picasso's character and personality but this reading assignment totally shed a new light on Picasso’s Persona. He was crazy! The quotations from Picasso that are provided in the text explain his approach towards his art and highlight really how cocky he was. Every relationship he had with a person seemed like a destructive one where it was Picasso’s way or the highway. He was the boss! He was the prodigy and better than you in every way. He was also a bit of a whiner and perhaps overly sensitive. I find his dealing with Matisse and their current lovers at the time especially funny. I haven't lost any respect for the guy after reading this but I just thought he was a lot more normal. I understand that all artist usually are a little crazy but after learning about Gaudi and his rather dry personal life, I am shocked to see how Picasso was a master painter but also could star on a reality TV show and fair rather
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