Pickle Friendship Analysis

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A Tale of Feathers and Friendship

By S. L. Davis

Copyright 2014

A story of life in the country and all that it offers. Aunt Mimi and Uncle Poppy try to keep Sherman, their pet duck, from getting into trouble! But Sherman and Sadie, the little girl of four who lives next door, finds country life fun and sometimes forgets the rules! Uh oh ………! Approx. 3000 words Sharon L. Davis
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She decided to divide the pickings into two pickle recipes; a dill and a sweet. Uncle Poppy came home with the bug spray and filled the sprayer. “Wait until morning,” said Aunt Mimi, “when there is no wind. Then you can be sure to hit just the cucumber plants.”

Sherman and Sadie usually had a good time playing together. Sometimes it was ‘Hide and Seek’ after the corn stalks reached their tallest. Other times, they would play ‘It’ when the garden was filled with small plants. 3 – S. L. Davis
This would make Aunt Mimi crazy and she would grab Uncle Poppy to run the children out of the garden! To Sadie and Sherman, this was great! Just the excuse they needed to go splashing in the cold

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