Picky Ricky Research Paper

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It’s a brisk fall morning and families everywhere are craving a nicely cooked breakfast, some from small town diners, some from IHOP. No matter what restaurant it is there are all kinds of irritating customers such as the lingerers who never seem to leave, however the most annoying are the Rude Dudes, Picky Ricky’s and the Demandy Andy’s, because they require the most attention. Picky Ricky is the least common type of customer, but just as annoying kind of customer at restaurants. The picky Ricky of a restaurant is the person who feels the need to add and subtract thousands of things to their order. Picky Ricky’s are the most complicated; meaning that they consist of many elements. It’s easy to tell who’s a picky Ricky as soon as they sit down to order. Picky Ricky starts their order with something unnecessarily complicated like a glass of water with 2 wedges of lemon and no ice or straw. Ricky then orders his breakfast- the sausage egg and pancake combination plate substituted with bacon, and a side of gluten free toast lightly toasted with extra butter. After finishing his very complex meal with his friends, Picky Ricky decides to have the waitress split the bill 6 ways so his friends and him don 't have to all pay together. Classic Picky Ricky move. A week ago in the diner I waitress at a group of stereotypical soccer moms came in and requested a table for…show more content…
Though there are many different customers that happen to come to restaurants on the daily, not all bad customers, it is important to know the difference between Picky Ricky, Demandy Andy, Rude Dude and all the other less common types of restaurant go-ers. These categories help to express all the different types of common annoying restaurant customers, what makes them so irritating and why they are the worst types of
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