Picnic At Hanging Rock

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‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ and ‘Past the shallows’ both have very unique setting which help to tell the story. With Picnic at Hanging Rock a film made in the early 1900s by Peter weir show the safety of a house. Then as the girl advancer out to have a picnic at hanging rock where it is a place of uncertainty and danger. Past the shallows is a novel written by Favel Parrett setting in Tasmania. The novel helps to explore the idea of how different setting effect the people, with the sea being a place of beauty and danger. Though out this essay I will expand on the ways both the setting in the novel and film have percenlaty of their own and how they effect the choices and action of the people that advancer into them.

Though out the novel ‘Past The Shallows’ the sea is a place that keeps on drawing them back to it. Manly it is meant be ascocted with bad things and death in a way. It shows the true beauty that nature
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Hanging rock is used as a setting to represent danger, bruety, a natural sate of being and rebellion towards the repression of the Victorian era. The rock is a place of mystery and danger. This is because as the three girl disapree with no trace. They are almost shown to be under the power of the rock. They girls climb high and high up the rock. Then they are gone. The power of nature is a very big theme and it is expressed though out the film in rerese ways. From when the girls first arrive at the rock, you see bird fly into the sky, the house start to jump up and down. I believe that this is to show the power of nature that the hanging rock has. As these people are almost disturbing it. Also there are smaller snyes like as they all eat cake you see images for ants and bugs taking that cake away after. This is a very small jester but still shows that nature has that over ruling power at the
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