Picnic On The Battlefield Analysis

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Our group chose the scene starting with page 123 until since it captures ..an opening which provides reader or audience a background information as well as introduces main character to page .. and we focus on the elements of Character and people’s belief .This essay is the analysis of character and belief in the play “Picnic on the Battlefield” by Fernando Arrabal. It is the absurdity of war that it is not being serious. The war is meaningless and happens in normal life. The main characters that are being analyzed are Monsieur Tepan, Madame Tepan, Zapo and Zepo. Monsieur and Madame arrive on the battlefield to cheer up their son with a picnic. Even though the war is dangerous, they come to join a picnic happily. Moreover, there would be a discussion how beliefs affect people in the period of time the play was written. Firstly, Monsieur Tepan, father of Zapo, was born in the old days and had seen wars many times. He had experienced wars since soldiers fight on horseback, using a sword, so he got used to wartime. One of the characteristics of Monsieur Tepan is ignorance. He does not care about what happened in wartime. For example, when he happened to visit his…show more content…
Monsieur Tepan is portrayed as an ignorant and superficial person as he does not concern anything about wartime. Madame Tepan portrays as a caring mother as she always cares and concerns about her family. In addition, Zapo and Zepo portray similarly as a huge loss of young men as a result of war because they are sent to the war without any good reason. Moreover, this playwright was written during the wartime ,so the influence of war reflects people’ value. However, those mentioned characters above are absurdity as their lives are meaningless and hopeless because what the characters do, it has no convincing reason and purpose. They get used to the war. Lastly, the writer wants to satire the war which is not actually
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