Picture Bride Summary

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Also, in Picture Bride, the author reveals through Mary’s actions, that even if you do everything in your power to make a person happy, they will still stab you in the back. If in life you are the type that will do anything for someone you care so much for, and then one day you discover the person has gone out of their way just to hurt you. Ever since Mary, the daughter of Hana and Taro, was a child she never developed a great relationship between her and her parents. She believed it was because her parents were born and raised in Japan, which means that they were taught differently than an American child would be taught. Japan is very traditional, so normally the woman stays home and the man provides for the family. On the other hand, in America that way of living is rare because women are allowed to…show more content…
What Mary lacks to see is that her parents love her with all their heart, but her viewpoint is her parents don’t understand her. The reason being is since Hana knows very little english Mary and her can not have quality talks with her and Taro spends most a his days at the shop so he is never home. In this case Hana and Taro are the people who will do anything for another person. Sadly, Mary feels like her parents could care less about her and starts thinking it would be better if she lived her life and they lived their life separate. She truly believed that if this change was made then everyone will be joyful in the long run. Mary followed through with her plan and ran away in the middle of the night and left a letter that read: “By the time you read this, Joe Cantelli and I will be in Reno, and I will be Joe’s wife. Forgive me, but we had to do it this way. His parents would have objected and so would you. We are very much in love, and I know this is right for me. Joe has a job teaching biology at the university in Reno, and everything is wonderful. Don’t worry. I’ll
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