Picture Matching Case Study

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S.S. has average vision. S.S.’s vision was evaluated using picture matching. Because S.S. could not verbally respond to what she was able to see, she would match pictures held near her to corresponding images at the back of the room. During the evaluation S.S. was also able to correctly select picture symbols when asked, demonstrating her ability to accurately see picture symbols while using a SGD.
f. Hearing Status
S.S. has average hearing. S.S.’s hearing was evaluated using an Otoacoustic Emission test. This screening allowed S.S.’s hearing to be tested without a verbal respond. In addition, her hearing was evaluated using a pure tone air conduction-hearing test where S.S. would raise her hand when she heard a sound. Also during the evaluation,
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needs a SGD to communicate to fulfill family roles and to participate at preschool activities. Her primary communication environments are at home, at her toddler speech therapy group and at preschool. S.S.’s primary communication partners are her mother and father, her younger sister who is 12 months old, her three teachers at preschool and her classmates at preschool. S.S. is unable to communicate at home with her parents and her sister. She is unable to tell them how she is feeling or what she wants and because of this she constantly through temper tantrums. S.S. cannot communicate in family leisure activities such having a picnic at the park or going to the children’s museum. At preschool, it is very difficult for S.S. to communicate. Her class has three teachers and 14 children. S.S. will often keep to herself during class. Her teachers are unable to communicate with S.S. She often only communicates through tempter tantrums. At preschool S.S. is unable to play with her peers, participate in circle time and tell her teachers want she wants and needs. Her primary communication situations involve one on one-communication, group conversations at preschool and group conversations at her toddler speech therapy
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