Picture Me Cute As Can Bee: Character Analysis

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Unlimited Choices
In today's society, there is considered to be only a right and wrong way to do almost everything. If only one opinion is right then the other opinions must be wrong, but why? Why can't there be more than two choices? In favorite childhood book Picture Me Cute As Can Bee, there was not a right of wrong choice. Every option was acceptable. The book was a board book, so there was a minor hole cut through the entire book so that my face is able to be seen and palpable even through the front cover. The book was narrated in first person and on each page there was a different animal or flower with my head on it. Throughout the book, it explained what animal or flower I was and a few specific characteristic about each of them. I interpreted the book in a way that most people would not have. I saw it as growing up to become whatever I might want to be. I saw that it was about all the choices you have to make for yourself that no one else had a say about. From a very young age, this book helped me to distinguish that everyone can make choices about themself and their futures
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Rain and sunshine from head to toe”. This specific line makes me believe that while every single person has to potential to become what they want in their mind, you might need some help along the way. Asking for help does not make you weak or less of a person but actually the opposite. It is an irony that during times of need people are the most reticent to ask for help. When you do not ask for help when you need it, you assume all of the burden on yourself that would have easily and gladly be shared with you. Besides placing the extra burden on top of your shoulders, you also deprive those who would have loved to assist you of the opportunity to do so. Being able to ask for help makes you a stronger person and in the long run, makes it easier to become what you dream about
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