Pictures For Paws Case Study

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According to research, animal photographers around the San Francisco area usually either work on location or else offer both options of in studio and on location.

Advantages Over Competition

The advantages Pictures for Paws has in relation to its competitors are:
• It’s commitment to customer service and satisfaction
• It’s multiple services
• It’s flexible scheduling
• Having the latest technology to produce beautiful photographs
• Pet’s being its primary business and not just a sideline or hobby
• Offering the option of splitting a session and having some In-studio photographs and some on location photographs
• Understanding animal’s and how to get the right elements together for a successful photography session
• It’s patience with customers and the animals
• It’s number one goal being quality results
Competitive Positions

This is how Pictures for Paws ranks the strengths of its competitors:

1. Local businesses offering In-studio and on location services
2. Other photographers with a low price range
3. Expert pet photographers that offer traveling to far locations
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In order to achieve this strategic position, we will focus our efforts on personal, quality customer service, provide the community with an involved business that cares about their well-being and the well being of our pets and we will strive to align ourselves with local pet companies that support humane animal treatment, educate owners about proper pet care and nutrition and provide spay and neutering services along with vaccinations. This will enable us to establish ourselves as a community minded company that is focused on the needs and care of our customers and our pets. Our unique focus on both costumer and animal well-being will establish us in the community and provide us with a strategic position within the area we conduct
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