Pidgin And Creole Language

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The languages pidgin and Creole are evolutionary languages that have evolved over the centuries .they were used in pre colonization that is the to say the communication between colonial parts, official, tradesmen, sailors etc. when there was the period of slavery pidgin language had a slight decline and after that much expended version grew including the Creole language. For the past ten years linguists are showing certain inclination towards its study. Creole language is considered very simple in its morphology. The main reason of linguists showing interest in this language is to retrace the development of these young languages.
One thing between these languages that highlights the differences is the controversy. The pidgin languages characteristics
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The lexical languages are although the languages of higher prestige but the lexicon derived from them undergo certain changes, such as Semantic and Phonological changes which sometimes alter the whole meaning of the word. When groups of people having different origins, speaking different languages came together and shared their linguistic variety, gave rise to second language, called as Pidgin. Pidgin is highly established language having all features adequate for establishing communication between two groups of different origin while Creole is the language which replaced the settlers’ original language and acquired as native language, this process is known as nativization. The basic difference between Pidgin and Creole is that Creole is used for day to day communication as first language whereas nobody speaks Pidgin as First language. Creole is the language which has all those features that are social need of the society, but still controversy is in the political and educational use because the incorporated grammatical and phonological features into Creole language from local languages, sometimes makes Creole language, sound ‘Deviant’ to the speaker of standard language and as a result it is banned in many educational systems. Even in the countries where language policies having the status of liberal, such…show more content…
As Creole language is the vehicle for education, court, and government so we can be categorized it as standard language because it went through all those phases attempted by English as a standard language. The concept of Creolisation emerged in the 16 century, this term was used to differentiate old world verses new world. Later on, this term was used with reference to ‘Creole’, in order to distinguish master and slave, now a day it is refers to people of different cultures that emerge to one. In the process of Creolisation; Creole language emerged in the new worlds in its culture. In Creolisation peoples of different descent for example Africa, Europe and Caribbean, a new cultural unity evolved from the blending of diverse culture, which resulted in formation of new identity. Robin Cohen states that Creolisation is the process of new identities different from already
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