Pie Listen To Me Essay

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Even though this complicated relationship has Pie torn up internally, the ending and it’s subtle twist tears readers apart too. Pie learns of another rule broken in the relationship: Ron and Zoë have sex without her while she is sleeping. On page 26, Pie takes herself out of reality, imaging two versions of herself. The first: “Me No.1 is the Israeli who was taught that being tough and strong are the same thing. She was a soldier once, for two long years, so she believes she can survive anything. She says: You’ll be just fine on your own. This is what she believes I should do: pack my stuff.” Here, it seems we might be getting somewhere. Pie offers the internal advice we have been screaming while reading the story: You are strong enough to…show more content…
Oria builds terrific suspense in the remaining moments in the story. We wonder: What self will Pie listen to? The story closes with a pattern we have seen throughout, though. On page 29, Pie is in the bathroom alone, mulling over what to do next: “ I hear Zoë in the kitchen fixing us all a Saturday-morning breakfast. I’m no longer nauseated, and the idea of breakfast is tempting. The only thing Zoë knows how to make is French toast, but it’s the best I’ve ever tasted. I think: This is what there is, this is my life. I think: Do I want it or not?” We have a few things going on in Pie’s interior monologue this time. Pie is still contemplating how she should handle what she knows about Zoë and Ron. Above, she dove deeper with her two selves helping her assess the situation. Now, at first, she distracts herself with Zoë’s movements and actions because she is doing something nice (maybe the first time in the entire story). It also seems that what Pie says has double meaning. When Pie says breakfast is tempting, perhaps she means it’s tempting to forget and let what she knows go for this reason only— Zoë’s kindness is comforting. It is fulfilling her past fantasies. Even if Zoë only knows how to make one thing, it’s the best she has ever tasted. In other words: when Zoë is committed, it’s the best feeling in the
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