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TITLE Piece Hostel – Cheap, Comfortable Accommodations in the Heart of Kyoto LEAD PARAGRAPH If you’re planning a trip to Japan, you’ll absolutely want to take some of your time to visit Kyoto. The city is filled with wonderful things to see, amazing foods to try, and plenty of interesting places to visit. If you’re looking for an affordable, traveler friendly place to stay while you’re there, allow me to recommend Piece Hostel. Don’t let the hostel label turn you away, Piece hostel offers comfort, convenience, and commodities for a very reasonable fee. PARAGRAPHS Convenience is Paramount One of the best reasons to recommend Piece Hostel is because of its convenience. As a hostel, they are used to catering to foreign travelers. This means…show more content…
That said, you want to make sure you’re not compromising comfort and quality. Thankfully, you can get both at Piece Hostel. Accommodations start at around 2,400 JPY a night (around 20.39 USD) for the large mixed dormitory rooms. Piece Hostel offers a variety of different room styles including 18 bed dormitories, single rooms, double rooms, and even a family room that includes two bunk beds and a sofa bed. Thankfully, the room rates stay pretty low even for the private rooms. A private double bed room, for example, starts at about 6,800 JPY a night (57.77 USD). While it’s a bit more than a dormitory room, the price per person doesn’t increase much. Thankfully, Piece Hostel provides quality lodging despite the low price. The beds are well kept and very comfortable, and there are plentiful bathroom facilities. The private rooms are somewhat small, but are comfortable and modern. All the beds feature comfortable memory foam mattresses. The dormitory rooms include combination security lockers, electrical outlets, and privacy curtains. The hostel will provide a pair of slippers to wear around as well, though you might find they run a little small. The bathroom facilities are well kept, cleaned daily, and stocked with soap and shampoo. The showers are on the first floor of the hostel and deserve a special mention for being clean and having enough water pressure to feel almost…show more content…
As you’d expect from a hostel, the rooms are somewhat small and sparse; most importantly though, they are comfortable and clean. Piece Hostel provides a number of services and conveniences that pull it ahead of the pack. It’s an ideal place to stay if you plan to spend most of your day out sightseeing, but want to make sure you have a comfortable place to sleep when you return. The common room of Piece Hostel was busy during most of our stay, and it was a great place to meet other travelers and swap recommendations. Piece Hostel provides all the essentials for a quality stay. Thankfully, it also goes above and beyond this with a variety of helpful

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