Pierce The Cheap Bouquet Analysis

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“And I could die right now/for something beautiful to take me somewhere else”. (6-7) In the song “The Cheap Bouquet” by Pierce The Veil Vic Fuentes, the lead singer, sings to convey his strong emotions. Vic uses figurative language, imagery, and sound devises to show his strong emotions and create a dark and depressing mood, yet he knows that death will reunite him with his love. Vic uses figurative language such as personification and simile to show his feelings. He uses personification to show his excitement and how he tries to calm down. “Well I know, I know if I die young/then we can wake up screaming in your bed/and our lings are begging us to calm down”. (16-18) His lungs cannot literally ask him to calm down but he uses this personification
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