Pierchic: Restaurant Business Analysis

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1. Pierchic Rooting for fantastic ocean setting and mouthwatering European dishes? Well, look no further! Pierchic offers the better of two worlds. This restaurant has been a romantic destination in Dubai, primarily because it provides unspoiled views of the gulf while maintaining a pleasant and serene ambience. Bright lights at night also add to the romantic atmosphere. The menu is focused on seafood and one of its best sellers is the Yellow Fin Tuna Tartar.

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2. Asado Dubai succeeded in bringing authentic flavors around the globe. Asado is a popular Argentinian steakhouse that offers marinated and grilled cuts of meat and classic seafood dishes. In addition
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Positioned at the 122nd floor of Burj Khalifa, this restaurant boasts of its fantastic views and expertly prepared food. The restaurant offers a variety of food options, ranging from seafood and steak dishes that are prepared according to simple techniques while retaining its soulful flavors.

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6. Majlis Al Bahar Majilis Al Arab is excellently positioned on Burj Al Arab’s private island beach. With only the sand and tables, the restaurant remained to be one of the most romantic destinations in Dubai because of its majestic views and excellent menu of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes.

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7. Ossiano Situated in the Atlantis hotel, Ossiano is a stunning restaurant for both eyes and the appetite. Spending dinner in this restaurant is like entering a different world since it provides an impression of dining at the bottom of the sea. While its aquarium is one of the major highlights of Ossiano, its Prestige Tapas menu and seafood dishes of scallops and shellfish could also be a reason why locals and tourist alike should try out this

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