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Here 's the scenario: you 've done your research, you 've considered your lifestyle, and you are finally ready to get a body piercing. The first trip to a piercing parlor can be a nerve-racking experience, but you can minimize your stress if you understand what to expect during your piercing experience. Always go to a professional piercing parlor. Never get pierced in malls or chain stores. If you follow these two maxims, you 'll decrease your chances of infection immensely. Scout the piercing parlors in your general vicinity - and remember, just because you walk into a piercing parlor doesn 't mean you have to get pierced there right away. If you know anyone who has received a body piercing from a particular parlor, inquire about their…show more content…
While the internet is also a valuable resource in determining which parlor is right for you, nothing beats walking into a piercing place and getting a feel for the environment. While every parlor is different, some aspects to ensure a successful piercing are universal. You want to make sure the piercing parlor is well lit, so that the experts can see what they are doing; you also want to make sure that the professionals use disposable needles, autoclave disinfecting for their non-disposable tools, latex gloves (or some sort of disposable gloves, if you are allergic to latex), and it is perfectly fine to ask a person that works there for a step-by-step explanation of their sterilization process. In addition to learning about each piercer method for ensuring sterilization, looking at the overall cleanliness of the store is also an important factory. A piercing parlor that is dingy and dirty could be an indication of how they treat their jewelry and tools. Much like a doctors office is usually sparkling clean, a professional piercing studio should have the same environment. Feel free to converse with the piercers that work there. If the professionals put you at ease, answer your questions to your satisfaction, and are patient and unhurried when talking with you...congratulations! You just may have come upon the right piercing studio for you. If piercers don 't give you the time of day, or are rude and snobby, it 's perfectly reasonable to leave the store and not get pierced there. Getting pierced is a

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