Pierre Peladeau: A Bad Role Model

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Pierre Peladeau is a French Canadian man who built a multi-billion dollars media company with $1500 loan from his mother [1]. During his existence on earth, he has accomplished a lot of things such as giving millions to charities and visiting the sick in hospitals. Despite all the good things that Pierre Peladeau has done, I believe the bad actions that he made conquers and overcomes his good deeds. For instance, Pierre Peladeau was engaged in various disputes such as Anti-Semitic comments against the Jewish community, sexist statements towards business women, being a womanizer and an alcoholic. In my opinion Pierre Peladeau is not a good role model for business students. To begin, in order to prove that Pierre Peladeau is a bad role model, we have to know the meaning of role model. A role model is a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated [2]. An example will be young athletes looking upon professional athletes as people to emulate since they possess qualities that the young ones would like to have. Also real role models inspires us to want to live a better life…show more content…
The impact of racism on young people is really important. It can cause one to abandon their dreams and not achieve future goals since he or she is looked down upon and discriminated. Racism also creates a society where people can’t trust and respect one another which can somewhat lead to some outcomes we humans wouldn’t like to see as a society. Victims of racism often become bitter, anxious and angry, which can lead to violence. Pierre Peladeau by saying this comment, is preaching division among the people. The comment even made Universite de Montreal and Concordia University to withdraw plans to honor Pierre Peladeau. A true role model and leader unites and not
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