Piet Mondrian Art Style

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Piet Mondrian, he is the founder of the Dutch modern movement, The De Stilj. It is recognized for the purity of his abstraction. His aim were to simplify the essential features of his paintings for it to become more as a reflection to what he saw as the spiritual order in the visible world, creating a clear, universal aesthetic language within his materials. In his best known paintings from the 1920, Mondrian reduced his shapes to lines and rectangles and his palette to fundamental basics pushing past references to the outside world toward pure abstraction. His iconic abstract works remain influential in design and familiar in popular culture to this day. Yves Saint Laurent was inspired of Piet Mondrian's movement, in 1965 the designer created a collection called, The Mondrian Collection.…show more content…
These six dresses was a major role in this collection. The six dresses were made of jersey and silk, dresses were comprised graphic black lines and blocks of white and primary colour. The dresses were made of pre-dyed fabrics, each colour in their design being individual piece of fabric. Yves Saint Laurent was playing a little with the lines by integrating them in the seams of the garment and gave a seam free construction. Mondrian inspired him to focus more on the simplicity with the dresses with minimal decoration, however the dresses may appeared simple, the technique was complex. It required a precision cutting and work intensive haute couture techniques to achieve successfully and making the dresses expensive. The Mondrian collection became very popular and was published in many fashion magazines, with one dress featuring on the cover of Vouge in

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