Pieter Bruegel's The Peasant Wedding

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Do you know who Pieter Bruegel was? He was a famous artist during the Renaissance. He was best known for his peasant life snapshot paintings. One of his paintings that captured an everyday peasant life is called The Peasant Wedding. This painting was made during the 1567, he was also a printmaker. Many of his paintings are familiar to us today. His work was mostly filled with landscapes and peasants working in fields. His winter and peasant life painting have beautiful packings of biscuit tins and chocolate boxes helping to market theses products, mostly in festive seasons. However, it should be seen that Bruegel was the most important Netherlandish painter of the sixteenth century. The Peasant Wedding is one of Pieter’s most familiar painting Since he painted a lot of peasants and landscapes he was sometime referred to as “peasant Bruegel”. His work provided a closer perspective into world of nature and everyday life. Bruegel was born on September 9, 1525 Berda of Brabant, which is now in the Netherlands. During this time period, Northern art was strongly influenced by Italian arts. Bruegel took a long trip to Italy to study and perfect his dominate artistic interest of his time. Brugel began his craft working as an apprentice to Pieter van Aelst, which was an official painter. He would eventually marry Pieter van Aelst’s daughter Mayken Coecke. He had two children Pieter the Younger and Jan. Pieter continued his studies and moved toward Antwerp, in 1555, he was a master

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