Pig Roast Research Paper

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Pig Roast Finally I smelled the fresh trees and saw the raging fire, we were finally at the campsite after the seven hour drive from Denver to Wyoming. After we said hi to everybody my cousins Joseph and James, and my two brothers Henry and Ben and I went to a secret place called kid island and found a really cool looking stick and it is now the kid island flag. When we were done at kid island we sat down and cooled down in the shade. Then Henry led me to the four wheelers I let him sit on one, but he wanted to drive. I told him we could pretend, he was upset and was ready to go to mom and ask if he could ride when Molly the owner of the four wheelers said they brought them for us to ride. We said thank you and started to ride, Henry rode with me. Henry said he was done and I dropped him off at camp, James and I decide to…show more content…
I was about to finish my pig when my mom said “Where is Henry? I didn 't panic too much but I did get up and start looking I got a little more worried when I couldn 't find him. I told my mom I couldn 't find him and she got worried and I figured that when I told her I saw a moose on my fourwheeler ride didn 't help. She said to go take the four wheelers up to the main dirt road and James said he would come. We got the fourwheelers and went to go up the mountain when James heard Henry screaming and we saw him on a mountain we went over there and started climbing every time I heard Henry it gave me more strength to climb faster. Then I heard Maddox I immediately knew that he had told Henry to go up there I finally saw Henry relief ran through my body. On the hike down I saw my mom and I look at Henry I almost felt bad for him but she wasn 't mad the rest of the day Henry didn 't really talk to Maddox and everything worked out I even got to go
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