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Are you already planning your next vacation? Are you looking for a good holiday destination where you can escape from all the stress of life? A place to take your kids for a memorable vacation? Then Pigeon Forge Tennessee is one of the places to consider. It is a small town in eastern Tennessee. A whole town dedicated to tourism with activities ranging from horse riding to indoor skydiving, there are several things to do there. So for anyone seeking a vacation that allows one to escape the stress of everyday life, to relax and still have all the fun of being on vacation, this is the place for you. Pigeon forge is a beautiful town. It has a wonderful landscape with hills and valleys. It is very famous for it’s mountains, the Smoky Mountains. The mountains are called smoky mountains because there is always thick fog at the top of the mountains and it looks like smoke. As a result of the landscape, the roads there are really curvy as the pass through…show more content…
Tourists are allowed to enjoy it’s natural attributes through several activities like mountain hiking and horse riding on mountain trails. For movie lovers there are also movie theaters and cinemas for them to spend a relaxing evening. There are several parks that offer activities that kids can engage in to make their vacation an unforgettable one. The most popular ones are Dollywood, Splash country waterpark and the Titanic museum. These parks offer activities such as roller coasters rides , water slides, zip lining, horse riding and cart racing. Fortunately getting accommodation in this town is not a big problem, because there are good hotels with reasonable prices and if you would prefer more privacy you book a nice cabin to stay in. The cabins usually have provisions to prepare your own meals and there are also several restaurants, buffets, cafes, and grills to get food from

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