Masculinity In Lord Of The Flies

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Through male encounters with a male figure by their sides, known as a father, that only than youthful boys can turn into the genuine manly individual they were destined to turn into. All young boys want to be able to fit in and be the same as the others, they are only able to do this with a male figure by them to teach them how to handle the situations from a males prespective rather than a womens. The words Pittman say are intended to indicate how young adults, more centered around guys, can defeat the difficulties the come towards them with their fathers that clearly demonstrate them on how to be their manly selfs. As indicated by custom gender characteristics, guys are viewed as individuals that can be strong and fearless, while ladies are…show more content…
In the book "Lord Of The Flies" by William Golding, the two primary characters are binaries of one each other, however both were not seen with their fathers excessively. Ralph's father works in the naval force, setting aside away his opportunity to demonstrate to Ralph’s standards on how to act and what to do. The way that Ralph sees his father, is like a superhero that will always be there and rescuse him, and teach him how to be strong in his times of weaknesses. The stories Ralph hears about his father and how brave he is keep him strong and confident in the man he was born to be. As appeared in Pittman's book while expressing the statement, "or may have existed only as the myth of the man". Which can be intrepreted as a Ralphs dad not being there for him but the stoties allow him to yet feel connected. In addition, piggy's dad passed on, leaving piggy with his aunt and no manly figure to push him to end up plainly the man he really is. Male figures are required to help young boys and make them to keep in mind the end goal and to instruct the young boy on how to end up more
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