Piggy And Ralph In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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Fellows of a lost island
A glancing blow from chin to knee, the conch exploded into a thousand white fragments and ceased to exist. Piggy, saying nothing, with no time for even a grunt, traveled through the air sideways from the rock, turning over as he went (Golding 181). This heart wrenching description of a young boy being thrown in the air as the book continues to describe every detail of events that follow. William Golding’s first published novel Lord of the Flies. Golding was an English novelist who in 1983 won the Nobel Prize for Literature for his parables of the human condition. He educated at Brasenose college, he became a master at Bishop Wordsworth’s school, Salisbury. He joined the Royal Navy in 1940, after the war he returned
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Piggy and Ralph are introduced at the beginning as being the only two boys on the island. In chapter one it gives a brief description of how Ralph and Piggy meet. ‘He was clambering heavily among the creepers and broken trunks when a bird, a vision of red and yellow, flashed upwards with a witch-like cry, and this cry was echoed by another’. “Hi!” it said. “Wait a minute!” (Golding 7). Piggy turns to Ralph for friendship because they are the first boys to meet. One being the boy with fair hair and the other being shorter than the fair boy and very fat. “What’s your name?” “Ralph” the fat boy waited to be asked his name in turn (Golding 9). The fat boy anticipates the same amount of interest in Ralph but gets little to no response, only when the fat boy declares to Ralph he doesn’t care what the others call him. If they don’t call him what they use to call him in school, that being the name “Piggy” (Golding 11). “Ralph shrieked with laughter. He jumped up. Piggy! Piggy! Ralph danced out into the hot air of the beach and then returned as a fighter-plane, with wings swept back, and machine-gunned Piggy (Golding 11). Throughout the book Piggy and Ralph seem to have an odd friendship, as some pick on piggy for the uselessness that they see or because he is fat and can’t hardly see Piggy stays true to Ralph as he seems to lose sight on the things that could get him sane. But as the book follows towards the end one thing is certain, Ralph had a true loyal
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