Piggy Beast Quotes

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I don't believe in the beast of course.As Piggy says, life's scientific, but we don't know, do we?"- Page 67 At this time Maurice and Ralph are discussing about beasts. Maurice thinks that the "beast" is an actual thing, as she describes how her father told her there are squids that can eat whales whole. On the other hand, Ralph disagrees, he thinks that the "beast" does not exist, and also the gigantic squids that eat whales whole. This quote also shows how Piggy is the brains of the group, everyone goes to him for answers, he's the smartest. Furthermore, it shows that Ralph trusts Piggy, he believes what he says, and how open he is to talking within the group. "They agreed passionately out of the depths of their tormented private lives." - Page 103…show more content…
Jack and his group, are being tortured physically and mentally, they are suffering because they don't know if they can survive any longer. They have been desperately surviving the whole time on the island, they work extra hard to live. They have to hunt for their food, they can't quite sleep well, and for their age, they shouldn't deal with this. This quote displays how they agree with each other as a team, if Jack says they should go hunt, they agree since they do that every time, and they are used to it, they don't argue or
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