Piggy Characteristics

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Piggy is one of the most loveable and underappreciated characters in the book. In The Lord Of The Flies if the children would have listened to Piggy's intelligent ideas, their experience on the island would be quicker and safer. His character symbolizes the best traits of humanity, however, his personal insecurity makes it hard for the other boys to follow him as a leader. Piggy portrays an adult like figure because of his rational thinking and mature behavior. Because of his physical appearance and tendency to be shy, he is unable to convince the boys that he can be trusted. His intellectual superiority made him to good for the wild boys and his inability to defend himself, led to his death. Piggy cared about all of the boys and if he were a leader, he would never let anyone get hurt. The way he cared about the littluns is a clear example of his humanity, rational thinking and kindness. He is…show more content…
He becomes the first one to realize that they were alone on the island with no chance of being found fast. “They’re all dead...an’ this is an island. Nobody don’t know we’re here..” (p.14). Piggy is the voice of reason and he represents an adult. This is one of the reasons the boys cannot follow his leadership. Piggy thinks like a grown-up from the very beginning and he expects other kids to act more grown up too. “Piggy watched him in disgust..”Like a crowd of kids-” (p. 38). Unfortunately his physical appearance, his insecurities and weakness are qualities children are not able to overlook. Kids are not capable of understanding that leaders are allowed to have flaws and weaknesses. “...piggy was an outsider, not only by his accent, which did not matter, but by fat, and ass-mar, and specs and certain disinclination for manual labor.” (p. 65). Rejection of Piggy and his brilliant leadership gave rise to the “savage” hunters under Jack Merridew leadership and made the life of all boys very
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