Piggy Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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You're a twelve year old boy. You get stranded on an island and are surrounded by many other twelve year old boys. What's your first thought? No adults and no rules. Any twelve year old boy would think that, right? Not a boy named Piggy. In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies Piggy is a mature and intellectual young boy. He portrays the adult in this book and has many characteristics to show this. Piggy is very order oriented. He is always trying to keep the boys on the island in order. The conch is the only thing that keeps these boys in order and is the only thing that Piggy cares so much about. For instance, Jack is trying to steal Piggy’s glasses, but Piggy doesn’t know this is what Jack is trying to do. Jack steals the glasses and Piggy says to Ralph, “I thought they wanted the conch,”(168) and this goes to show that he is more worried about losing the conch and the order than he is to lose his sight. Piggy is very centered around order much like adults. This goes to show how much alike Piggy is to an adult. Piggy is very factual. He's very based on what could actually happen. For example, everyone is at an assembly and…show more content…
His voice doesn't get to be heard all the often unless he is holding the conch because the boys don't respect Piggy. The only time his intelligence is ever shown is through Ralph. For instance, Piggy and Ralph are walking on the beach just meeting each other and Piggy spots a conch and says, “We can use this to call the others. Have a meeting. They'll come when they hear us…” (16). Ralph doesn't even know what the conch is, but he then uses it to call the meeting and the boys begin to arrive and see Ralph with the the conch and Ralph gets all the credit for Piggy’s discovery. Piggy still is the smartest one on the island and Ralph is quick to realize that. For example, Ralph is by himself thinking and while he's thinking, he realizes that Piggy isn't there to be the real
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