Piggy Lord Of The Flies Chapter 1 Summary

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The story begins by introducing a boy with fair hair leaving the jungle to scout the surroundings. Following the fair-haired boy is a very fat and spectacles-wearing kid. They discuss their plane crash and the conjecture that they are on an island. Shortly after, they come to the realization that there are no adults on the island. The spectacles-wearing kid asks the fair-haired boy for his name and learns that the fair-haired boy is Ralph. Ralph is indifferent about learning the spectacles-wearing kid’s name and makes the assumption that there may be other survivors. The spectacles-wearing kid tells Ralph that he used to be called “Piggy” at school and doesn’t want others to know. Ralph tells Piggy that his father will rescue them because he’s a navy commander but Piggy asserts the fact that they may stay on the island until their deaths. Afterwards, Ralph finds a conch shell but doesn’t know how to blow it and Piggy teaches Ralph from what he saw before. Once the conch was blown, the “deep harsh” note breaks the silence of the island and attracts the other survivors of the plane crash, other young kids. Piggy goes…show more content…
Later on, they find tracks that Ralph assumed to be men but Jack rejects the notion and tells them that animals made it. The boys ascend up to the top of the mountain and decide to push a rock off the cliff causing it to fall “like a bomb” foreshadowing the future. On the top of the mountain, they saw the whole island discovering the reef, where they landed, the lagoon, and the fact that the island is uninhabited by any humans besides their group. Hunger catches up to the boys on their journey back to the others and they hear the sounds of hoofs, finding a piglet. Jack attempts to raise his knife to stab it but does not have the determination to kill. He makes the excuse that he will not have mercy the next
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