Piggy Lord Of The Flies Chapter 2 Analysis

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The boys on the island do not like Piggy because they do not like what he has to say. When Piggy talks to the boys, he usually puts the happy atmosphere of the Island to a somber one. When the boys first get to the island they are somewhat happy about being on the there. They think that their friends and family are going to rescue them someday. When Ralph calls a meeting in chapter two regarding the rules of the island Piggy says some pessimistic things regarding being rescued. “Nobody knows where we are,” said Piggy. He was paler than before and breathless. “Perhaps they knew where we was going to; and perhaps not. But they don’t know where we are ‘cos we never got there.” He gaped at them for a moment, then swayed and sat down. Ralph took…show more content…
He is stating that the kids are alone, not what a bunch of kids who are homesick need to hear. When Piggy is described as “paler than before and breathless.” It shows that Piggy understood the facts, in that they were most likely not going to get off the island, no one else seemed to understand that. Piggy’s asthma usually kicks in when he is most angry or scared, he really is ruining the time on the island for the other kids. “Perhaps they knew where we was going to; and perhaps not.” Here, Piggy is first says “perhaps” as in, “we might get rescued after the war if they knew where we were.” Piggy’s second part of his speech says “But they don’t know where we are ‘cos we never got there.” Piggy is not saying “perhaps,” he is saying outright that they will not get off of the island. It is said that “The silence was so complete” Piggy is normally shut up when he tries to speak, but this time he was not. He makes all of the other boys realize that they are most likely not going to get off of the island. In this passage it is clear that Piggy is breaking any sliver of hope the boys had for getting off of the island. The boys would not like someone who ruined their time on this parentless…show more content…
Piggy is yelling at Ralph when Ralph is upset at Piggy for not keeping track of the boys during the fire. “How could I,” cried Piggy indignantly, “all by myself? They waited two minutes, then they fell into the sea; they went into the forest; they just scattered everywhere. How was I supposed to know which was which?” Ralph licked his pale
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