Piggy Lord Of The Flies Civilization Analysis

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Piggy is very central to the theme development in Lord of the Flies. He represents the idea of law and order, reason and logic. Piggy represents the useful aspect of civilization, an attitude that becomes gradually smaller and finally is silenced through the forces of authority and control. Piggy turn into a social outcast from the pressure of society in which being logical is considered unimportant. William Golding shows that reasoning is not valued in the society and that evil controls us. Piggy is the most rationale person in the group. He is the voice of reason and a symbol of civilization throughout the novel, and is always careful to make decisions that will benefit the group. While the rest of the boys devolve, or return to a more primitive way of life, Piggy remains civilized. While the rest of the boys have long hair and dirty bodies, as well as a new way of thinking based on instinct rather than well thought out ideas, Piggy still resembles the civilized, modern man that he was when he first landed on the island. Piggy remains rationale and civilized even at the end of the novel. After Jack has stolen Piggy's glasses, one of the last reminders of civilization that the boys' had on the island, he still manages to remain calm and logical. Rather than try and fight with Jack like a savage Piggy says, "I'm …show more content…

This represents the intellectual side of humanity. His eyesight may be weak, but his insight is powerful. Piggy is bullied to the point where his glasses are taken away which he depends on, so the consequence is being helpless whereas the others can handle the rigor of the island. Piggy’s character is unappreciated by the boys and his intelligence is ignored and uncared for. They see him as just another animal hence him being killed as though he was one. Ironically, they have become animals themselves by the acceptance of murder. His presence is not welcomed as well as his

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