Piggy Lord Of The Flies Leader Analysis

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What is a leader? In times of crisis the ultimate survival of a group depends on the leader, or person who steps forward to take control. In William Golding's novel Lord of Flies, tells an intense story about a group of boys struggling for survival on a tropical island. Among the group is a pudgy, intelligent, outcast boy whom everyone refers to as "Piggy." Piggy has good intentions, but sadly his appearance and personality cause him to be shunned in the boys' society. However, he was the only one in the island who had foresight. Therefore, I believe Piggy should be chief for many reasons: intelligence, resourcefulness, and maturity. He is the one who is concerned about what will happen to them and he is aware of the serious problem they are facing. Piggy is the intellectual of the group. Intelligence is a key characteristic of a good leader. His intelligence found the other boy's. When…show more content…
His look, behavior, and beliefs resemble those of an adult, reflecting a more mature attitude and greater wisdom than the others. He sees the importance of building shelters and moving the fire to the beach. His glasses are the tool to build the fire. Piggy frequently asks "what grownups would do" when confronted with situations that the children don't know how to handle. Piggy is by far the most logical ,intellectual, and adaptable of the older boys and the best for the task; however , he lacks a commanding presence which is the foremost trait that is necessary in leaders. He was the only one on the island who foresaw things and used that knowledge to try to prevent malevolence from taking over. Unfortunately, among the boys, his asthma and physical condition made him less respected. Piggy had the intelligence of a true leader, and I believe that the boys should have listened and taken his advice seriously. He is the scapegoat of the story because he is physically weak and defenseless, but he is also the wise
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