Piggy Lord Of The Flies Power Analysis

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Power is defined in multiple different way all depending on perspective. Power is emulated throughout every individual or group's way of looking at it. The person or group of people usually assiduous in making decisions and are well trusted by others. When looking at the many different versions of power individuals may be able to come up with more than one definition or way of looking at the word power. For example in the book Lord of the Flies power is shown through three different perspectives. One of the first ways of looking at power is found in the very beginning of the book. Piggy is one of the main characters in the book and he represents the first glimpse of power that is shown in the book. Not only is Piggy a resemblance of power,…show more content…
Towards the beginning of the book there was a vote on who should be in charge and the vote was narrowed down to Ralph and Jack. Overall Ralph won the vote because all the kids on the island thought that Ralph showed responsibility and care when the kids thought that he called them all together and was trying to get rescued off the island. The kids on the island thought that Ralph showed compassion after all the adverse events. Historically speaking, there is multiple examples of what power is. One way to look for power would be with John Brown. Brown was born into a family that was considered to be very religious. Religion has a lot to do with how people see things and how things are interpreted and religion can be a form of power that a person can obtain. Brown thought that slavery was a sin and should be abolished. Since Brown felt like slavery was a sin due to his religion this goes to show that religion has power because of all the steps Brown and others took to stop slavery. John lead a brutal attack on a pro-slavery settlement on May 24th. The reason John Brown has done all of these things to try to stop slavery is because he thought it was going against his religion causing him to
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