Piggy Monologue Analysis

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I am writing a letter on behalf of Piggy to Jack to tell how Piggy is feeling and what Jack is doing wrong. Hi Jack This is Piggy. I want to say that I am writing this letter to you because I feel like you guys discriminate me. Jack, I observed you when I saw you the first time; I knew you were the most violent and an aggressive type of person. From the beginning, you seem to harbor emotions of anger and savagery where I represent order and democracy. You make fun of my height, my weight, my glasses, and my appearance.You never miss a chance to oppress me. I feel so impotent when you heckled me when I was telling the boys how we can acquire rescue. You are so ill- manner. Jack, you told me to shut up in front of all the boys, when I was busy remembering the names. You even made me the subject of mockery when you called me fat.…show more content…
I know you have the qualities of a natural leader, but your style is driven by a selfish desire for power and control. You have a savage personality and the ability to tell people what they want to hear allows you to overtake Ralph as a chief. You manipulate the boy’s fear of the beast as a way of control. You are acting just like a baby can you be more sensible please as well as be more mature. Grow up Jack try to understand the situation we are in. We cannot live on this island forever as you know. We don’t have food to eat, clean clothes to wear and clean water to drink. If we stay a little longer on this island, soon our life will be disconsolate. So, how about a compromise, you stop bullying me and let me guide everyone and you can still be a hunter who will hunt food, but I will be the one who decides who does what and Ralph will decide if it’s wrong or right. I hope we can be friends and work together and get rescued as quickly as
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