Piggy's Decline In Lord Of The Flies

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In the book of Lord Of The Flies by William Golding, there are boys that are stranded on an island because of a plane crash. Although the boys attempted to copy their british government they failed. Because of the children's young age, the society that they established is doomed to fail because children can not maintain a society based on authority and interpersonal respect. This is demonstrated throughout the book by the varies of death, the breaking of the conch shell, and the theft of glasses. In the Lord of The Flies there are two significant deaths that demonstrates that children do not understand the value of life. One of the deaths was piggy. Piggy was hit by a boulder that Ralph moves out of the way from. Roger had pushed the boulder toward Ralph. Piggy then fell off of the mountain and died. Piggy landed on the rocks below. The other death was when Simon died. Simon was just coming out of the forest and the other boys attacked him because they thought that he was the beast. Piggy was the most reasonable boy on the island, he understood the importance of human life and the need to get off of the island. On page 180, Piggy’s maturity comes out when he says “Which is better-to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill?”. By the end of the book, Ralph realizes that civilization…show more content…
For a society to work you need it to maintain authority in the correct manner with equalness and respect for one another. Children often get ahead of themselves and each child wanting to be “top dog” can lead to problems. That is why you need to have strong rules that are fair. In this book, William Golding shows the boys trying to make hard decisions which led them to failure but in current times we can take those mistakes and put them into our adult political world and learn from what the boys did. The more aware we are of these flaws such as not following the laws, resentment, disrespect and selfishness the more we can prevent such
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