Piggy's Savagery

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Savagery is brought out in a person when they lose everything else. Lord of the Flies by William Golding shows us that when there is a lack of societal boundaries, animalistic behavior is what will follow. Humanity is destroyed with lack of guidelines or rules. Piggy was a moral person and an uncorrupted person for his time on the island. he was moral because he believed in guidelines and weighed each decision he made with what the rest of society would say. He was moral because of this and never would he stray from what was moral or good in society so he would be mostly correct. Piggy had very strong ideas. when everyone else was starting out on the island, the rest of the worlds rules were with them. everyone slowly was drawn away from…show more content…
He wanted to hunt and kill animals instead of doing what really needed to be done with the fire. Ralph says to Jack on hunting "So long as you and your hunters remember you fire".(Golding, 53) Jack then says " You and your Fire!" (Golding, 53) This is the point where Jack and Ralph start to have major disagreements and there is a break in communication and a feeling of competition for Jack to lead so he can change the rules. This progressively gets worse but this is where you see what a lack of rules with Ralph has done. Furthermore, Jack did build his own fort and a no rules club. When he left there were many people who went with him for the hunting and meat. This left Ralphs group to be able to change things as well. "Now we can really decide what's what." This shows that by Jack leaving, it helped anyone who believed in the rules laid out to do their part and to get things done. Jack did not help with the rules in the slightest, going against anything that was said. This brings me to my next point; Jack believed in destruction and did not care if he hurt people. Before Piggy dies, there is an argument between Jack and Ralph saying, " Which is better, Law and rescue, or hunting and breaking things up?" (Golding, 180) This shows exactly what I mean with Jack, he did not follow rules and it destroyed him as a person. Even the most simple rules in…show more content…
He was moral, he was a leader but would also not always do the right thing. Basically he was a human and he was the most relatable person in the book. Many events in the book led him to do horrible things but he would always come through as best as he could. Firstly, he was against the hunting because it was unnecessary. He had his priorities put properly. When Jack killed his first pig, he was very excited and would not talk about much more he said "look! we've killed a pig-- we stole up on - we got in a circle-". (Golding, 69) Ralph immediately after says, "You let the fire go out". (Golding, 69) This shows that Ralph cares about the others and actually wanted to escape when the idea of escape in Jacks mind was not even there. Jacks blood lust is starting to affect the group and the others chances of being rescued from the island. Without the fire, they would never be rescued and it would not have be good because the group would have become worse. Ralph would follow these rules and he just expected others to pull their weight. When Ralph does not follow the rules, nothing good comes from it. when he first hunts a pig, he starts to get in with the group and gets very excited. " I hit him, and the spear stuck in a bit". (Golding, 113) In the book, when society becomes a faint memory, Ralph starts to go with what the rest of the group would do. This is not good because he is not following his own rules for what everyone
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