Pigs Corruption In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Having “power is [the] authority and strength,…ability to act, or control” (“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutly”) which motivated the pigs to corrupt an attain Dictatorship government. The novel Animal Farm, by George Orwell, is demonstrating how the pigs are corrupt in Animal Farm. Old Major’s speech began a rebellion, but ultimately the pigs corrupt to become human into their own advantage by removing the principles of Animalism. Becoming human required the pigs to use propaganda to manipulate the other animals to corrupt their power in ‘Animal Farm’. As the pigs corrupt Animalism using lies, they careless about the other animals’ mental well-being. The pigs corrupt in Animal Farm to gain support by using strength…show more content…
Shortly after the pigs come up with The Seven Commandments, the other animals were commanded to harvest the crops. While the pigs are consuming the milk, justifying that “[the milk] is used … to mix some of it in [their] mash,” (Orwell 16) and that consuming it is an essential for their health for the success of ‘Animal Farm’ (Orwell 23). The pigs violated The Seven Commandments in the direction of becoming human by removing the principles of Animalism. For example, when the pigs drunk whisky from the farmhouse cellar, Napoleon joins them and gets very drunk. The pigs’ absolute power allows them to claim privileges for themselves after following the humans’ behaviour which causes the commandment “No animal shall drink alcohol” to become the new commandment “No animal shall drink alcohol to excess” (Orwell 73). For the first time, Napoleon commands on his dogs to slaughter many animals in the farm along with breaking a rule of Animalism (Orwell 56, 82, 85). “[Any animal that] disobey[ed] Napoleon’s orders [was] slaughtered” (Orwell 56) which made the old commandment to become “No animal shall kill any other animal without cause” (Orwell 61). The pigs applied their strength and authority towards and against the other animals so they could corrupt to become more human by removing the principles of
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